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20 Fabulous-Elegant Easter Table Decoration Centerpieces with Budgeting Plan

Updated: May 27

easter table centerpieces decoration ideas
Easter Table Centerpieces Decoration Ideas

The spring season is here, and they bring Easter festive with it!

Spring's arrival not only brings the beauty of blossoms and mild weather but also provides an ideal occasion to gather with family and friends, savoring the delights of Easter together.

We have several days to prepare for the joyous moment and decorate our home in the most creative way possible with an economical approach to make the celebration come to life!

To help you get your dining room ready for the occasion, I've rounded up some of my favorite Easter table decor ideas for the big day.

Check out some genius ways to decorate your table below!

1. Glam and Elegant Approach

glam elegant gold vase for easter
Glam and Elegant Approach

Ever pondered on the art of embellishing Easter with glam, extravagance, and grace while mindful of budget constraints? Fret not, as this elegant gold vase promises to imbue your Easter affairs with a touch of elegance! Don't overlook the addition of various eggs and pink blossoms to enliven the celebration.

2. Zen Styled Vase with Hanging Eggs

I really love this decoration for the Easter holiday. A piece of artful Zen vase with white flowers and hanging eggs as accents. When you put soft colored fabric below and another piece of pottery art besides, your room table centerpiece has an unmatched ambience!

3. DIY Cool Easter Egg Decoration

DIY Golden Egg with Greenery
DIY Golden Egg with Greenery

Get an egg and spray it with bronze or gold color after you make an artistic hole-crack on top of the egg. When you are done, put some good greenery inside the egg until it turns into a very cool-shaped egg. Don't forget to put your decorative egg on an egg holder. Now your DIY egg is ready!

4. Glass Cloche with Metallic Rabbit Inside

Glass Cloche with Metallic Rabbit Figurine
Glass Cloche with Metallic Rabbit Figurine

A classic glass cloche fits perfectly with a metallic rabbit inside and some blossoms to liven up your table room for Easter! To make the cloche even cooler, put some bended branches above it.

5. Ceramic Vases and Ceramic Bunnies

Set of Ceramic Vases, Bunnies, Candle, Egg and Tray
Set of Ceramic Vases, Bunnies, Candle, Egg and Tray

Elevate your Easter table with this charming ensemble of ceramic bunnies, vases, eggs, trays and candles. It's the ideal addition to your family gathering! Watch as they marvel when you illuminate the candles and arrange vibrant red tulips in the vase. It's pure magic!

6. DIY Easter Egg Garland

DIY Easter Egg Garland
DIY Easter Egg Garland

This exceptional DIY table runner is a good choice when you want to skip the usual boring and bland easter-style table runner. Use a pushpin to make a hole on each end of the egg, and then gently push a wooden skewer through one end to enlarge the hole and break the yolk. Blow into the smaller hole to push out all the raw egg, then use a beading needle threaded with a narrow ribbon to create a garland. Now your table looks lit and cool!

7. Rustic-Style Easter Table Decor

Rustic-Style Easter Egg on Vintage Plate
Rustic-Style Easter Egg on Vintage Plate

Let's go rustic with this table setting, which is perfect with a modern natural dyed green egg inside an easter bunny ears-shaped napkin. Give a touch of dried flowers to a vintage plate and a rustic-styled fabric. Now your table looks exceptional!

8. Try this Easy Spring-Theme Table Setting

Spring-Theme Table Setting with Faux Bird
Spring-Theme Table Setting with Faux Bird

Celebrate the fun of Easter with pretty green paper plates topped with plain white cloth napkins and a dyed egg. The center of the decoration is the napkin ring, featuring a small twig wreath wrapped with blue ribbon and adorned with a fresh-cut flower, a faux bird, and a faux butterfly.

9. Farmhouse Style Table Centerpiece

Modern Farmhouse Style Easter Decoration with Twig Wreath
Modern Farmhouse Style Easter Decoration

A beautiful set consisting of a twig wreath, an aromatherapy candle, and dried pinecones can be a game changer for your table room mood! A combination of simplicity and modern farmhouse style can make your Easter merrier and brighter.

10. DIY Egg Paper goes Brrr

DIY Easter Paper Craft
DIY Easter Paper Craft

Make a change this year by handcrafting a beautiful and cool DIY paper that will make your entire family stumble when they see it. Use pastel colors to liven up your table, and don't forget to keep it simple. Now everyone will remember it for the rest of the year!

11. Use Party Pieces Easter Honeycomb Decorations

Easter Bunny Egg Honeycomb Decorations
Easter Honeycomb Decorations

Talking about making a statement for your easter celebration, these delightful fold-out centerpieces are the perfect decorations. Try pastel colors and different shapes to create an arrangement.

12. Cute Easter Bunny Glass Jar

Glass Bunny Jar for Easter
Glass Bunny Jar

A set of very cool pieces of art for this Easter is right here. These sweet glass bunny jars with ears are shaped like bunnies and eggs combined, complete with a "cracked" opening. Ready to impress your guests with its adorable shape. Fill it with goodies for unique Easter gifts.

13. Corner Room Blooming Baskets

Paperwhite bulbs for Easter Decoration
Paperwhite bulbs for Easter Decoration

Get inspired to make wonderful greenery this season with paperwhite bulbs around the corner of your room or your table centerpiece. Put some layer pebbles in the bottom of a lined vintage rustic basket of any shape or size, nestling in a few bulbs, then topping with moss. Daffodil or hyacinth bulbs might also do the job well.

14. The Rise of The Eggs

Classic Vintage Brass Candlestick and Egg for Easter
Classic Vintage Brass Candlestick

Ah yes, the classic one for Easter, which is egg!

With any color, mixed size, and different heights, this is the perfect choice for your table centerpiece decoration. Place the decorative eggs on a vintage brass or glass candlestick to create a festive sideboard display. And don't forget to prevent the egg from falling with museum wax.

15. Bouquet with Eggs

Bouquet of Flowers and Eggs for Easter Decoration
Bouquet of Flowers and Eggs

Try this beautiful combination of a bouquet of flowers with eggs below them. Be careful when choosing the colors for better eyesight. Make a mix with lilac, anemones, scabiosa lavender, allium, and ranunculus.

 16. Recycled Perfume Bottles

Recycled Perfume Bottles for Easter Decoration
Recycled Perfume Bottles

I suggest that you keep all those empty perfume bottles in your vanity for good purposes, such as turning them into a new place for Lilies of the Valley. The lilies will look beautifully arranged in those glass vessels. Now your Easter looks very creative.

17. Easter Recipe Card Holder

Rustic Branches Easter Decoration with wood and moss
Rustic Branches Easter Decoration

Time for DIY again with this piece of art! A DIY that will add some pizzazz to your Easter buffet or food table. Use some rustic branches with unique cutting to display the name of your dishes. Craft these pieces by cutting a thin sliver in a small piece of wood; place atop wood round and add moss and eggs.

18. Easter with Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboard for Easter Decoration
Chalkboard for Easter Table Centerpiece

A great way to show your resourcefulness is by choosing a chalkboard sign to make an art design for your Easter. Put your effort into drawing with various chalks and show off your imagination to your guests and family. Put some other decoration stuffs beneath the chalkboard to enliven the room. You can also put the signage in the middle of the table with a board holder.

19. The Great Egg Candles

There's no way I can sleep on this idea of getting candle decorations from recycled eggs. You can either make one with vegetable wax and become an expert crafter or buy it from Etsy if time is limited for you. This is a pure piece of art.

20. Make a cute Peep House Gingerbread!

One of the coolest things I've ever known is how to make this gingerbread decoration for an Easter gathering. It's not Easter without marshmallow peeps. Make quality time together with your loved ones and build this little house complete with a candy roof, a sprinkled lawn, and icing glue. It is called the spring version of the gingerbread house, and is just as fun to decorate (and eat!).

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