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35 Great Manifest of Decorations Above the Sofa and Living Room, Art Deco - Styled

Updated: May 27

Art Deco Ornaments Above Sofa
Art Deco Ornaments Above Sofa

Art Deco is a movement in the decorative arts and architecture that originated in the 1920s and developed into a major style in western Europe and the United States during 1930s.

Art Deco works are symmetrical, geometric, streamlined, often simple, and pleasing to the eye. The characteristic features of the style reflected admiration for the modernity of the machine and for the inherent design qualities of machine-made objects (e.g., relative simplicity, planarity, symmetry, and unvaried repetition of elements).

Occasionally, we crave artistic elements to adorn our living space, pieces that reflect our daily musings and inspirations. Today, I'll be sharing some Art Deco-inspired decor ideas perfect for embellishing the area above your sofa.

Art Deco Empire States Building Art Prints
Art Deco Empire States Building Art Print
The Infamous Chrysler Building at New York
The Infamous Chrysler Building at New York

1. Enchanted Building Framed Art Prints

Make a bold and confident statement in your room by adorning your walls with this captivating gold-colored Empire State Building art print, sure to evoke a sense of awe and admiration. And for an alternative, consider the majestic Chrysler Building! Art Deco building art prints are majestic.

Check out where I got them: Unix Canvas & Oscar Francis.

Joie de Vivre Art Deco Massive Green Gold Wallpaper
Joie de Vivre Art Deco Green Gold Wallpaper

2. Massive Joie de Vivre Art Deco Wallpaper

A massive green Art Deco wallpaper is a unique choice for your room if you like its lighthearted and frivolous designs. This wallpaper expresses the exuberant "joie de vivre," or joy of living. Such a unique theme to a party lifestyle and enjoyment of life.

Visit Leroy Merlin for more inspiration like this.

Art Deco Floral Metal Work
Art Deco Floral Metal Work

3. The Elegant Art Deco Metal Work

Metal works are strikingly glamorous and have a sense of luxury. Floral, organic, or concrete motifs are represented in an abstract and two-dimensional way. Slim geometry, sharp breaks, and elegant lines form the decorative elements and pattern motifs. Try this industrial production method, which opens up new interesting working materials such as chrome or stainless steel.

Feel the visual inspiration more from Modest Work.

Gold Art Deco-Styled Divider
Gold Art Deco-Styled Divider

4. The Gold Divider creates Fancy Ambience

Think about this shimmering gold screen, which exudes an enchanted vibe. A delightful epitome of style that will guarantee to transport you back to a bygone era of the 1920s.

Find more ideas at Margo and Plum.

Tropical Art Deco Artificial Tree
Tropical Art Deco Artificial Tree

5. Adventurous Tropical Theme Art Deco Jungle

The Art Deco also features a plethora of tropical-themed decorations that awaken a longing for faraway places and traveling. A sunburst mirror on the wall and a gold palm tree were commonly seen in Art Deco decorations.

Copy this idea, which I got from Wallsauce.

Futuristic Women Empowerment Posters Art Deco
Futuristic Women Empowerment Posters

6. Women Empowerment Art Deco Themed

The 1920s and 1930s started the Art Deco trends across Europe and the United States. Coco Chanel. Greta Garbo. Josephine Baker. Zelda Fitzgerald. Icons of the Jazz Age and the flapper lifestyle, these women were rule-breakers: cigarette-smoking, cocktail-sipping, scantily clad, self-empowered rebels. The end of World War I and the stock market boom boosted their confidence; women now had the security they needed to make further strides in politics, culture, and life at home. This was an era of negotiation for women’s rights. And posters, by some of the finest posterists in the United States and abroad, played a significant role in changing perceptions of women’s place in society.

Another one from: Etsy

Art Deco Silhouettes Black White Silver
Art Deco Silhouettes Black White Silver

7. Charming Black, White, and Silver Art Deco Prints

Black is the perfect contrast color to all metallic shades used in Art Deco-style patterns. The color of the night increases any shine or shimmer effect and makes silhouettes stand out in an almost three-dimensional way. Black exudes the charm of the forbidden and the joy of illusion.

Pay a visit to the source: Etsy.

Gold Tropical Art Deco Metal Work
Gold Tropical Metal Work

8. The Shimmering Gold Tropical Art Deco Metal Work

No one can resist the splendor of gold. Among the decorative colors, it has the highest value when it comes to the glamour factor. Stylized and two-dimensional plants, e.g., the leaves of palm trees, ferns, and reeds, or the flower heads of roses and tulips, as well as delicate blossoms, have an important role to play in Art Deco.

Art Deco Mirror on The Wall Above Couch
Art Deco Mirror on The Wall Above Couch

9. The Streamlined Art Deco Mirror

If you put mirror opposite of a lamp or a window, the mirror will reflect the light and make the room appear brighter and has seductive feeling. Another plus side is mirrors can be used as decorative pieces in their own right. Try this Art Deco mirror to complements the style of your room. This will create unique and eye-catching display.

Paris Art Deco Print Decoration
Paris Art Deco Print

10. Paris in your Room!

Transform your space into a sophisticated sanctuary and manifest yourself away to the enchanting lanes of Paris with the charm of this exquisite vintage art deco poster. Take in its color palette and intricate design; it's sure to elevate your surroundings and evoke a sense of leisurely retro ambiance.

Visit the website that I got inspiration from: Etsy.

Bookcases Art Deco-Styled for living room
Bookcases Art Deco-Styled

11. The Vibrant Hues of Art Deco Bookcases

Elevate your room to new heights with these meticulously designed Art Deco bookcases, channeling the dynamic energy of the jazz era with their captivating green hues. Watch as your space comes alive with a sense of vibrancy, while the soothing tones imbue it with a serene ambiance for ultimate relaxation.

Track the source: Pinterest.

Striking Timeless Art Deco Lamp
Striking Art Deco Lamp

12. The Timeless Art Deco Lamp

Put it above your couch and witness how the sleek look inspires you every time you enter the room. The intricate grids—each line, angle, and sharp edge—are carefully crafted to create a visually striking effect. With its sophisticated geometric aesthetics, this lamp will become an enduring masterpiece that consistently charms enthusiasts with its timeless elegance.

Find out how I got this idea by visiting Deluci Design.

Art Deco Porcelain Tiles Geometric Art Work
Art Deco Porcelain Tiles

13. Mesmerizing Porcelain Art Deco Tiles

Your room's organization plays a crucial role in shaping your overall mood and outlook on a daily basis. Here, geometric motifs in black and green tiles add more drama, making a setting where appearance becomes a subtle luxury.

Intrigued to find the source? Click this: Home Design Hub.

Green Art Deco Wall Clock Decoration
Green Art Deco Wall Clock

14. The Classic Art Deco Wall Clock

Get functional yet stylish with this choice of wall clock decoration above your sofa! Say goodbye to decorating dilemmas with this creative room-enhancing option at your fingertips!

Say hi to Zazzle, the source.

Bold Statement Sunburst Lamp Art Deco
Bold Statement Sunburst Lamp

15. The Fabulous Sunburst Ceiling Lamp

Sunburst is one particularly famous design of Art Deco era. Art Deco is about making a statement. Characterized by strong geometric shapes, bright and luxurious and exotic materials. The stylistic elements were similarly reflected in the interiors.

Lemme introduce you to Apartment Therapy, where this idea takes its origin.

A Delicate Art Deco Woodwork Decoration
A Delicate Art Deco Woodwork

16. Art Deco Woodwork for a Chic Wall

This kind of art is one of my favorites. A lot of woodwork created during the Art Deco movement made use of expensive and exotic hardwood and veneers. With good placement of decor items and good colorway choices, the woodwork will create a space that is both visually appealing and inspiring.

Give a chance to look at the source: Gabriel Schama.

Art Deco Gold Decoration Arc Metal Work
Art Deco Gold Decoration Arc Metal Work

17. The Lavish Arc Metal Work

Some decorations are just perfect. This Art Deco tropical theme design combines luxury and tropical vibes. Glam style looks that you can choose to implement in your living room. With dark blue and gold arc metal works of tropical leaves on the wall, your room looks like a magnificent royal throne.

Find more ideas at: Pinterest.

Above the Couch Pandemonium Pendant Lamp
Above the Couch Pandemonium Pendant

18. Pandemonium Pendant Light

Hanging pendant lights and chandeliers are all the rage in Art Deco design. These fixtures not only provide functional lighting but also add a unique aesthetic element to a room. The burst wild design is something that so mesmerizing to see every time you experience the vibes of the room. Pandemonium is a name of the place of demons in Paradise Lost by John Milton.

Try to see the source where I got this idea: Home Decor Bliss.

Black Wallpaper
Black Wallpaper

19. The Elegant Black Art Deco Wallpaper

The use of color in design can affect the emotions and moods of people. You can change the vibe of your room just by changing the color of your wallpaper. Black is the strongest of the neutral colors. It's commonly associated with power, elegance, and formality. Black can make it easier to convey a sense of sophistication and mystery in a design.

Not enough of this idea? Go visit New Walls!

The Classic Art Deco Candle Sconces
The Classic Sconces

20. The 1920 Era Art Deco Candle Sconces

Use a very rare set of classic 1920 Art Deco bronze sconces to level up your room into a vintage one. These pieces of works are exceptional. Light up some candle and put it at the sconces for an ultimate experience.

Feel free to check out the source: 1stDIBS.

Tropical Art Deco Lamp
Tropical Art Deco Lamp

21. Tropical Art Deco Inspiring Lamp

A great choice to liven up your wall into a living vibe is through this Tropical Art Deco Lamp. While you enjoy a time to stay at home, Art Deco lampshades feature colorful glass to make your day stay inspired with vibrant, luxurious appeal. A tropical touch with leaves and branches may bring a fruitful contentment feeling.

An idea that I got from: Claxy.

Art Deco Black Gold Geometric Pattern Prints
Art Deco Black Gold Geometric Pattern Prints

22. Gatsby-inspired Geometric Patterns Prints

The clarity and comprehensibility of geometry are perfect for Art Deco setting room design. This Gatsby-inspired geometric patterns prints on a wall showing arcs and jagged lines are typical ornaments presented in an inexhaustible variety of designs which are constantly reinvented.

Step into the idea from the Etsy.

Japanese Culture Geisha Art Deco Prints
Japanese Culture Geisha Art Deco Prints

23. Daring Japanese-Styled Art Deco Prints

The creativity emitted by this print is so marvelous. Try to make this print live in your living room to create an inspiring, bold scene above your couch. This is a great choice if you want to have culturally pleasing art at your leisure.

Go into the world of Ann-Sophie De Steur to get inspired more.

Dragonfly Lady Art Deco Mirror Mythical
Dragonfly Lady Art Deco Mirror

24. Mythical Art Deco Dragonfly Lady Mirror

If you want something cool and unusual to decorate the wall above your couch, this option best meets your expectations. With its clean lines and intricately designed shapes, this mirror reflects a stretch towards original Art Deco culture. The "Lady of the Lake" mirror, designed by Luis Masriera (1872-1958).

Dive more into the source: Design Toscano.

Tiles and Mirror 1920s Art Deco
Tiles and Mirror 1920s Art Deco

25. The Vintage Tiles and Mirror Work

The shape of this work is a classic one among Art Deco decorations. You may choose it for decorative stuff above your sofa. It had an old-classic vibe of luxury and glamour. Something that looks like it came out of a classic hotel in the 1920s. The green tiles and square mirror create a diamond-shaped geometric design, a bold design for your living room.

Delve into the source for more: Jeannine Foret.

The Lamp with Heavy Geometry Pattern
The Lamp with Heavy Geometry Pattern

26. Heavy Geometry Art Deco Lamp

Having this lamp on your wall is a mood changer to your everyday life. Art Deco decorations at 1920s were often influenced by modernist movements such as Cubism, Futurism, and De Stijl. The design has luxurious and attractive appearance, marked the period of newly found optimism after the Great Depression and a celebration of progress and modern ideas.

Choose other ideas you like at Kart It.

 Opalescent Glass Art Deco Chandelier
Opalescent Glass Art Deco Chandelier

27. The Magnificent Six-Arm Chandeliers

This inspiration is to make your room more interesting through polished bronze six-arm chandeliers with opalescent glass arms and shades. Even the center column is adorned with opalescent glass. With this beauty above your couch, you may enter a new world of magical castle room lookalikes.

Make a space for the source: 1st Dibs.

Art Deco Clock with Futuristic Design
Art Deco Clock with Futuristic Design

28. Futuristic Art Deco Clock

After the end of the First World War, in the midst of France's struggles and losses, the French wanted to look more optimistically into their future. Later on, Art Deco was born. This clock is a piece of art that got its inspiration from the Art Deco style of the 1920s. The clock took a hint from several major artistic styles, such as the geometric forms of Cubism, the machine-style forms of Constructivism, and Futurism.

An art which I take inspiration from: The Apollo Box.

Art Deco Black Gold Divider
Art Deco Black Gold Divider

29. This Majestic Divider

Dividers can also play a part in decorating space in your living room and near your sofa. With the color black, you may have a feeling of authority, elegance, prestige, and sophistication. It will impact your overall room ambience for real.

Search for other ideas like this at: Maison Singulier.

Sepia Art Deco Lamp
Sepia Art Deco Lamp

30. The Majestic Sepia Lamp

You may try this lamp to create an elegant design look when you enjoy time on your sofa in your room. It is attractive in a mysterious way. The warm color creates cozy and welcoming vibes. Vintage stuff often has intricate details and unique character that can be highlighted. It can dramatically affect the mood.

Go get more inspiring stuff at: Susan Roemer-Schmitt.

Square Brass Art Deco Mirror
Square Brass Art Deco Mirror

31. The Square Art Deco Mirror

When you want to go classic 1920s for your mirror above your sofa, this might be the one you are looking for all this time. A vintage touch for your living room. With 1920s Art Deco style design, usually brass mirror also has antibacterial and anti-biofouling characteristics.

Stumbled upon this idea at: Pinterest.

Fleur De Lis Art Deco Brass Sconces
Fleur De Lis Art Deco Brass Sconces

32. Fleur De Lis Brass Sconces

A fine vintage and beautiful pair of oval wall sconces with a pearl bead edging. A Fleur De Lis crown giving that Empire style look. Combine this with aromatherapy candles then you will have your room in a great ambience.

Check other ideas like this at the source: Etsy-Cherry forest.

1920s Gatsby Vintage Art Deco Wallpaper
1920s Gatsby Vintage Art Deco Wallpaper

33. The Gatsby and Vintage Style Wallpaper

This wallpaper is an Art Deco style-stained glass window. It has elegant copper gold effect and blue grey marble and gemstone textures. Put this on your wall if you love some vibes of roaring 1920s Gatsby style and classic vintage elegance.

Happywall is where you can find other inspo like this.

Art Deco Lamps Above Sofa Chrome Brass
Art Deco Lamps Above Sofa
Art Deco Lamp Twins Bronze Chrome Grape Tropica
Art Deco Lamp Twins Grapes Tropical Bronze Chrome

34. The Chrome-plated Bronze Grapes Lamp

These lamps, a perfect fusion of design and craftsmanship, stand as a testament to the timeless allure of Art Deco style. A great choice to make a statement in your room like a cherry on top of ice cream. Created and beautifully crafted in France circa 1930, It presents a wonderful design that shows grapes, grape leaves, and delicate water droplets. The V-shaped brackets support elegantly crafted glass bowls that face forward, creating a harmonious and sophisticated aesthetic. In impeccable condition, these wall lamps are expertly chrome-plated in bronze and have been rewired for continued use.

A cool design that I found at Antiquitaten Wiesbaden.

Gold & Black Divider Unique
Gold & Black Divider Unique

35. Unique Gold & Black Lacquered Wood Screen

The unique choice of background for your sofa. This screen is a 1980s Art Deco Revival room divider, screen. Created in 1986 by designer Jimi Mitchell. The screen is made from 5 shaped wooden panels. The Art Deco Modernist lacquered design sees stripes of deep gold, bronze and black placed alongside concentric circles of the same tones. Now we talk about Art Deco Legacy in your room!

An art brought to you by 1st Dibs.

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